New Hope Missionary Baptist Church

"Breaking Traditional Ties to Advance the Kingdom"

           Welcome to New Hope Missionary Baptist Church!

1303 Hawthorne Lane

Charlotte, NC 28205

Phone:  (704) 332-4275

Fax:  (704) 332-6399



Elder Bobby D. Houze, Pastor

 Mission Statement 

“To invest, build, prepare and strengthen the spiritual lives of people to cross over into the fullness of what God is releasing”


New Hope Missionary Baptist Church is located just outside of downtown Charlotte, NC. We have a unique ministry which has grown tremendously over the years. As we continue to grow spiritually, ministries are being birth to meet the needs of people. As our mission statement states, we are a firm believer that if we invest, build and help prepare the lives of people, we can change a community. 


 We have designed this website to help you become better acquainted with our church and its various ministries.We hope this website will give you not only more information about us, but also help you invite others to come and give you some previews of what's coming up.